Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma success story

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma success story 

Those of us who like to do online revive over setting off to a retailer, probably utilized paytm for in any event once. Furthermore, that is the reason with in excess of 100 million+ downloads, paytm has become the most downloaded installment application in India.

Paytm founder Vijay Shankar Sharma success story

In youth concentrated in a Hindi medium school,a kid from poor white collar class foundation, when who had not even enough cash to purchase food,how he became effective actualizing a totally new idea in Indian market, this is what I am going to share with you in this post, the CEO of paytm Vijay Sekhar Sharma's success story.

 So let's get started,This genius businessman was born 8th July, 1973 in Aligrah in Uttar Pradesh. Being noticed for his genius intelligence,through a special permission he was admitted to Delhi Engineering College at the age of 15 years old. Just like most of the other hindi medium students,vijay also found it difficult to understand the lectures given by the college professors in English.

In the class, whenever he had been asked any question by his professors, he couldn't answer it. His classmates also used to make fun of him for this reason. So, soon he lost interest in the classes. Then he started to spend most of his time in the library, reading success stories written in English. After reading so many success stories on ething he had understood clearly, that if he wants to do something big in his life then he must be his own boss.

So, he started to learn coding from his college classes. After few days, he and one of his friend together, developed a website named india, which was basically a search engine. After 2 years an American company bought their website. After that, for 1 year Vijay worked in several projects to raise sufficient fund to start his own company.

In the year 2000, he began his own organization named one97. One97 used to provide the facility of people search. That is, if someone wants to know who is calling them, then he or she just have to message the number to One97 company, the company will reply to that message providing the details of the person who is the owner of that phone number. But his savings fell short to run the company,so to grow his company he had to take loan from bank. To run his company, sometimes he had to apply for a loan even with 24% interest rate.

The profit he was making from his company,all of that went into paying the bank's interest, employee's salary and his house rent. Indeed, even at once, when he had insufficient cash to pay his home lease, he used to return home late around evening time and went out promptly in the first part of the day. So that the landlord don't get to see him. Day after day his financial situation was getting worse. Even sometimes he had dinner in his friend's house, because he had not enough money to buy food.

His financial condition became so poor that he used to spend nights having dinner from a roadside cheap paratha stall near Mulchand Hospital in Delhi. Sometimes when he had not enough money, the paytm CEO Vijay Sekhar Sharma had two cup of tea as his dinner to spend the rest of the night. To run his company, he had to start working as a consultant and as a trainer.

At this time he met Mr. Piyush Agarwal. Mr. Agarwal need help from Vijay to develop his company's software. When Vijay did that, Agarwal's company's profit was made double. Getting impressed by Vijay's work, Mr. Agarwal offered Vijay the post of CEO of his company. In response to that, Vijay said to Mr. Agarwal that he had his own company and at any cost he wanted to make it successful.

So, he can not accept his offer. On the other hand due to financial crisis,his family members were forcing him to shout down his company and to settle down with a good decent job. On one side financial crisis and on the other side pressure from his family members made Vijay completely depressed.

 At the end as there was no way out, Vijay accepted Mr. Agarwal's offer but with a condition, that is, he will look after Mr. Agarwal's company for the half of his day and for the rest of the day he will look after his own company, and for this Mr. Agarwal have to pay him 30 thousand rupees per month salary. Piyush Agarwal accepted his proposal. Mr. Agarwal also liked Vijay's company's work. Due to high interest rate, it had became a huge amount of money to be paid to the bank by Vijay.

When Vijay told Mr. Agarwal about this, Mr.Agarwal bought 40% of Vijay's company's share with 8 lakh rupees. He noticed that the use of smartphone is getting increased day by day among the people, so he wanted to do something with that smartphone so that people can easily do financial transaction using their smartphone.

According to the plan, 8th July, 2010 on Vijay's 37th birthday was launched, and within few days One97 company, publicly launched the mobile app "Paytm" whose full form is "Pay Through Mobile".

Although at first it was started with the facilities of online mobile and DTH recharge, with in few days when they added more features like paying electricity bill, gas bill, bus ticket people started to love it. And within just 3 years paytm got 25 million wallet users.

After few years, by providing the services like amazon and flipkart Paytm entered into the world of e-commerce. And recently they have also started their own payment bank. Vijay Sekhar Sharma is a very simple and down to earth person, his lifestyle and his company's rules are proof of that.

Although today Paytm have made a turn over of 814 crore rupees, Vijay Sekhar Sharma the CEO of paytm had no special room in his office,he used to work with his employees sitting in the same space.

And today Paytm has become so much successful that starting from a small road side shop to large shopping malls, everywhere Paytm is accepted. Now vijay is so happy with his life that he says, "I don't need to sleep, I am living a dream".

 At last a little request to you. If you find this post inspirational, then please share it with your friends. Specially with those who dream to have their own successful company. Because by sharing you can also help to inspire some one else.

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