bill gates the founder of microsoft - biography

bill gates the founder of microsoft - biography

bill gates the founder of microsoft - biography

Nicknamed “Trey” but formally known William Gates the third, Bill Gates was born in 1955 in Seattle, Washington into a family of affluence and power. His father, William Gates the second, measuring 6 feet and 7 inches tall, was an attorney who co-founded Preston Gates & Ellis, a law firm that had offices across the United States and China.

 As a man highly involved in politics, William Gates holds quite the laundry list of accolades and extra curriculars, as he sat on the board of eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood before the era of Roe Vs. Wade,and he was also the face of a state income tax initiative in Washington State. After his late wife passed, William senior married Mimi Gardener, long time friend of Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Mimi is fluent in Chinese and served as former director of asian art at the Sale University Art Gallery, amongst other roles. But let’s get back to the late Mama Gates,because in addition to popping out Bill Gates, she also had two daughters, Kristi and Libby,and Mama Gates, also known as Mary Maxwell, who started off as a humble school teacher and eventually became chairwoman of United Way, came from a long line of money and power,as her father was a wealthy banker, and her grandfather served as president of the nationality bank in Seattle and was the director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Side-note: how come when you travel down the rabbit hole on virtually any topic, the same creatures are always festering at the bottom? With a bloodline like this, it seems like,for bill, the path ahead was clear. In all of his biographies, there’s an emphasis on Bill’s intellect that manifested early on in childhood. He was smarter than the other children. He was different. He was destined for success.

While Bill grew up attending the UniversityC church, which now describes itself as a progressive Protestant church committed to social justice and an institution that celebrates diversity in religious background,sexual orientation, race and abilities, it seems like the impact of a christian doctrine was lackluster in Bill’s childhood, as he would later go on to say “I don’t have any evidence of that” when asked by a Times Magazine reporter about the divinity of the human soul, specifically if the human soul was special.

When Bill was of age, he was accepted intoSeattle’s most exclusive and prestigious Lakeside School, where he bragged to his teachers that he’d be a millionaire by age 30. Lakeside was able to collect enough funds through donations to purchase something only big companies could afford in the 60s,a computer.

The story goes like this: Bill Gates taught himself to code by reading the computer handbook, or in other words, was able to get the computer to perform tasks he wanted to execute, and he and his buddy Paul Allen formed a club called the Lakeside programmers.—and hold up…Paul Allen is two years older than bill,but Paul’s over here looking like he’s forty while Bill looks like the perfect target for a game of dodgeball.

Anyway, somehow the Lakeside programmers,composed of minors, went on to make business deals with computer corporations during that time, getting paid to find bugs in the software and write computer programs. Bill is credited with making one of the first computer viruses during this time, a virus being defined as “a program that copies itself into other programs and ruins data”.

Maybe this was where he learned that by creating the computer virus, he could profit from its removal. Bill took the SAT twice so that he could get the perfect score, and he came close at a 1590 out of 1600 and was eagerly accepted at Harvard, where he attended college but would never graduate, because his vision of having a personal computer on every office desk and in every home too precedence and his company, Microsoft, launched with the help of his ol’ high school buddy, Paul Allen.

In 1980, Microsoft and IBM struck a deal,and the rest was history. By 1986, Microsoft was launched on the stock exchange, and he and his best buddy Paul became instant millionaires. Though, before his death in 2018, Paul Allen wrote in his memoirs that Bill was a bully who tried to cut Paul’s share in the company as he was recovering from cancer.

1994, Bill married Melinda French, a Marketing manager at Microsoft and daughter of an aerospace engineer from Dallas Texas which makes myOperation Paperclip senses go off. Today, Bill Gates has a net worth of 98.9 billiondollars, is heavily involved in politics, and is known world-wide as a philanthropist,having established the Gates Foundation in 2000 with his wife, his father, and Warren Buffet.

The Foundation has become the largest private foundation in the world, holding around 50 billion dollars in assets, with its stated goals claiming that “from poverty to health, to education, the goal is to improve the quality of life for billions of people.” And for decades, the Gates Foundation has given free vaccinations to people in third world countries, while Bill has become more and more politically outspoken, lining the pockets of our elected officials with federal reserve notes, which is particularly rich because Bill started a movement for billionaires give away most of their wealth in philanthropic endeavors.

Bill is one of the richest people in the world because of the wealth he gained from Microsoft stock, and the stock price appreciation is not taxable until the shares are sold, so by holding most of its shares since Microsoft’sfruition, bill has delayed paying tax on his capital gains, and to avoid this even further,by donating these shares to the Gates Foundation, he’s successfully worked the tax loophole of charitable organizations to enhance his wealth.

If money is power, and Bill Gates is one of the most powerful people in the world. PART TWO So do you think our dearest Google bots and beloved YouTube employees are still watching or can we finally talk about what we want to talk about without the algorithm burying this video six feet under the search engines? Listen, I know that Bill Gates’ impact is an extremely divisive topic.

I know some of you watching are people who work in the medical field, and a lot of what Bill does and lobbies for, you see play out in your own workspace. Generally, I find that people either thinkBill’s whole philanthropy with the Gates foundation are a benefit to mankind and his success story is an inspiration to many young entrepeneurs, OR, people are like me, and would run as fast as you could if you saw Bill or Melinda roll up to your neighborhood.

For the former group, I want you to know that I was you and believed the same things once, because mainstream media runs so many feel-goodpieces on the Foundation’s work, they’ve successfully framed Bill GAte’s life story as the tale of the underdog even though he came from wealth and influence, and to question any of that results in shame from the loudest voices. So I get it. But the truth is, there’s a difference between the treatment and care of someone’s physical well being, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Big oil has been big Pharma since 1874. IT all started with the Rockefeller’s andStandard Oil. And remember, it was devil bill who sirloin magnate John D who built Standard oil and eventually, the Rockefeller Foundation,the philanthropic organization that has shaped and funded many aspects of modern medicine.

In every official Rockefeller biography, they go on record saying that Devil Bill was known as a bigamist, con artist, and most notably,a snake oil salesman. The life and charitable work of Bill Gates is nothing new. Bill Gates represents the continuum of RockefellerMedicine, or the continuum of their long-established formula of problem-reaction and solution,but exchange big oil for big tech, and we’ve now arrived in the present. Do you ever remember electing Bill Gates,so that he could influence your daily life and the legislation of your country? Neither do i. Do you recall at any point in this video,me saying that Bill Gates attended any form of medical school or training in the medical field? Neither do I.

So lemme give you an interesting timeline of recent events, as it’s very difficult to prioritize stories in the 24-hour news cycle, where notable stories are buried and stories that deserve no platform are emphasized:In 2013, Bill flew on the Lolita Express with our favorite notorious Mossad blackmailer didn’t kill himself, Jeffrey Epstein. Through this connection, Bill Gates made donationspersonally directed by Epstein. In 2014, a man was arrested at Bills’ estatefor possessing 60,000 photos of children, but apparently got the Dupont heir treatment with a mere slap on the wrist, being ordered to stay away from children.

In 2015, in a TED TALK, Bill demonstrated more of his Nostradamus ability like he did when he was a child and told all his teachershe’d be a millionaire by age 30. In this talk, he warned a coronavirus-likethreat was the next big threat to humanity and predicted to the audience that he would be the savior of this future pandemic. Fast-forward to 2018, when Bill ran a pandemicvirus simulation which he projected would kill 33 million people if the simulation came to fruition.

One year later in October of 2019, the GatesFoundation hosted Event 201 at the world economic forum in New York, which was a high-levelpandemic exercise that played out a novel coronavirus pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences, requiring cooperation between industries, governments, and key institutions. Johnson & Johnson was in attendance. At the exact same time Event 201 was happening,the 2019 Military World games were taking place, hoisting 110 nations and thousands of military members from around the world in none other than ground zero, Wuhan China.

Yes, the world military games were held inWuhan China, ground zero of the coronavirus, mere weeks before the first case was reported. In January 2020, “a federal court unsealedindictments against Harvard professor and Chemistry Department Head Charles Liber,along with two Chinese nationals. Prosecutors said that one of the nationals is a boston university researcher who was a lieutenant in the people’s liberationarmy, and the other is a cancer researchers who attempted to smuggle vials of biological materials in his sock.

It was disclosed that Wuhan University paidLieber 50k a month and was given more than 1.5 million dollar to establish a lab at WuhanUniversity.” Snopes told us nothing strange was going on with Liber, so we could rest easy and go back to being good little sheep. On February 28th, 2020, Bill Gates calledcoronavirus the “once-in-a century pathogen we’ve all worried about”, as he sounded the alarm for world leaders to respond accordingly.

A few weeks later, Bill Gates stepped down from the Microsoft Board of Directors, which he said was in an effort “to dedicate more time to philanthropic priorities including global health and development, education,and my increasing engagement in tackling climate change.” With all of this newfound free time, Bill decided to an AMA on March 18, or question-and-answer session, on Reddit. In this question and answer session, Billdisclosed his goal of having digital certificates for any and all people to show who has recovered from coronavirus or been tested recently or if they’ve received their coronavirus vaccine.

Microsoft and MIT have collaborated in developingtattoo markers to show if you’ve been inoculated—Gates has also been working on the ID2020 project which is a digital ID microchip implanted under the skin that, when scanned would showidentification information. On Microsoft’s website, it’s reportedthat refugee populations will be the first to receive ID2020.

There is talk of implementing this system in the United States, starting with the homeless population of Austin, TX. With all of the fear surrounding this pandemic,many will not have to be forced to get something as Orwellian as a government microchip—theywill ask for it out of fear. Their consent will be manufactured, but will yours? This is a very slippery slope to social credit scores and not being able to leave your house unless your microchip is firmly implanted updated.

Announced March 30, the United States government has cut deals with Johnson and Johnson and Gates-funded Modena Incorporated to work on a coronavirus vaccine. Yes, you got that right, the same Johnson& Johnson that is responsible for cancer-causing baby powder that they knowingly sold for decades.

The same Johnson and Johnson that has been sued for billions of dollars for fueling the opioid crisis and pushing good people into an early grave—yes that will be our savior making a rushed and experimental vaccine hundreds of millions of people will inject into their bodies out of fear. To conclude here, I’m not making any outrageous claims or theories about Bill Gates—I’ve simply told you the background of one of the people who stands to benefit the most from what is happening right now—from financialinvestments in the cure, to the potential of mass surveillance and an Orwellian state in the form of a microchip, I’ve told you exactly who Bill Gates was before Microsoft,and then concluded with a bonus round of who Bill Gates was after Microsoft.

So what do you think, internet friends? You know I always look forward to your comments. Thank you so much for watching, ,subscribing,and supporting my channel on patron. 

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