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4 new passive income ideas 2020 in india

4 new passive income ideas 2020 in india

It will grow in the year 2020, because people are moving towards the digital platform this is a new one and it is in trend and it will be in 2020.

 So these are the online passive income ideas which we can implement to earn a passive income So firstly we need to correct the definition of the passive income I have made a article on it, which I have told about passive income, my thoughts on it and how I work on it. So must read the post, it's very important There are many ways to earn online,  So there is a method of passive income by which you can earn money.

(1) Selling Digital Products

 So the first method of passive income is by "Selling Digital Products" You can make digital products like Photoshop Templates, Video and After Effects Templates You can click photos, do music production, create music/sound effects, sound files So you have to make these digital products one time and they automatically get sold off during a particular period of time.

So by these skills you can develop a good passive income why will this grow in 2020? It has grown this year and It will grow in the year 2020, because people are moving towards the digital platform and they are accepting that it is valid to spend on digital products. 

 people are spending more and more on digital purchases Previously people were very skeptical about digital purchases for spending $10 or $20  digital tool, and whether spending on it was worth it So people use to question a lot, but now people have started understanding the importance Themes, tools, after effects and projects are important so gradually people have started to purchase it

(2) digital assets

Second is to buy digital assets
The websites, apps , tools, blogs can be purchased which are already having earnings on it For example, there is a blog which is having passive earnings of $100, you can purchase it around ₹5 to ₹7 lakh So once you invest in it, it becomes a recurring automatic source for passive income.

 It will automatically generate $100 per month So if you are having money for investment then you can go on this route or if you have more knowledge which you can use it to improve and flip it I gave you the example of a website, but for example: 

if we talk about real estate So you will have to take rent of ₹6-7k, for which you will have to buy a real estate of worth ₹30-40 lakh So here it will happen in around ₹5-6 lakhs only You will get ₹6-7k monthly and you can improve that website on the basis of your knowledge and skill and then you can flip it by increasing it price So that's why I preferred this over a real estate.

  there are some cons, but real estate has some pros that it is an asset, which is in front of you, which is not dynamic and its value appreciates There are many factors, but if you have knowledge and skill If you have money to invest then this is a good option.

(3) Create Courses

now I will tell you the third way, that is Create Courses If you have skill, knowledge, and experience, so you can sell courses This has been happening in the previous years But this is still a trend now a days People like to purchase online courses You get an expert online, which you can't find in your locality.

 Thanks to the cheap internet, through which people are coming online There is an increased demand for local language courses Like in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati and Marathi you can create courses Because people are getting internet access in India and since people have used internet, and there has been a lot of entertainment .

 now people want to learn,  when they are interested, they need online courses If you have the experience, you can definitely try online courses.

(4) Online Tools

 Next is online tools If you are a developer, you can develop online tools, and you create a subscription model to earn passive incomes For example, by using social media EPI, I created an online tool, by which you can schedule online posts, Instagram posts Posts on TikTok, Facebook, and all the social media platforms.

 you have to create one image and you have to publish it in a scheduled time and it will post automatically in all platforms But for using this tool, you will have to pay $10 monthly So like this, you can create online tools, SEO Tools, Chrome extensions and work on websites.

  you can work like this in service websites, as there are many options and tools available So out of the ideas I have told, a brief overview of that would be a basic point that people are doing digital spending It is increasing in India, thanks to Jio And it is increasing in other countries too People are having trust, and they are realizing that it is important and worth it The main matter is this, that people are realizing that it is worth to spend it on a seminar or a workshop.

 If they are learning online from the courses If they are learning online tools, it is worth it If somebody asks me, I will also say that I can't live without certain tools I cannot perform well without some tools, like ASO Tool If I have to do marketing for my app, I should know the keywords For me, it is an important necessity For 2020.

my plan would be to buy digital assets, because I have some amount to invest I am also thinking of creating courses because I have the experience, I have results, I am in this field for 6 months So I have qualifications for doing both the things.

  these were the passive income ideas Blogging and apps are traditional, which have given certain results And if you work on them, you will have results So the two honorable mentions are blogging and apps development, which you can do it And in traditional methods.

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