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hey email basecamp : game changer Email service

Hey, an email service from Basecamp promises to bring the world a better email experience not just by putting a fresh UI on top of another email service provider like Gmail, but by building an entirely new email service from the ground up and charging users $99 a year to use this service.

hey email basecamp : game changer Email service

As we continue to explore the future of email on our channel Hey is probably the best example right now of an upstart service trying to change the world of email.

So let's dive into what makes Hey different and why i think it's a game changer. Now it's impossible to talk about hey without first mentioning how unusual of a launch this service had.

hey email Basecamp founders

Basecamps's two most prominent figures: Jason Fried and David Heinemeyer Hansen are quite well known in both the tech and business world for the many books they've written including Rework and Remote office not required, a very timely book for a lot of businesses now during COVID-19.

So when they planned to launch this new service they were able to book high profile appearances like on Kara Swisher's podcast, foregoing a lot of marketing spend a company of their size would need to do to be able to generate the splash that Hey did.

Hey email Basecamp first submitted  apple store

Alright before the launch of the service, Hey submitted their app to the App store, Apple approved it, then they submitted a bug fix version of the app right before launch to the App store and Apple denied it.

Apple basically told Hey that hey you know what, we noticed your app doesn't use our payment system and you actually need to implement the payment system in order for us to keep approving bug fixes on your app.

Now what that would mean is that Hey wood actually have to give Apple a 30% cut for all first year subscriptions and then any subscriptions after, that so any subscriptions after the first year, Apple would then receive 15% of those additional year subscriptions.

Obviously Hey did not want to do this. Hey was in the news now more than ever thanks to the free publicity that Apple gave the company, but what got a bit lost in the process was what the Hey product actually did that made it so different.

Hey email service : review

 I've been using Hey for the past several weeks as my personal email service and i can tell you it is quite different from any email service i have used before. The setup process is quick and i really like how it guides you through the different parts of the service.

 The first part of the service that the walk through brings you to is one of the biggest departures this service has from other email clients and that is the screener.

With Hey, every time a person or company emails you for the first time that email goes to the screener where you can choose whether or not you want to see emails from this person or company.

If you decide to screen in a contact you're then faced with your next decision,where in Hey do you want emails from this contact to be sent? You see with Hey you don't have to send everything into an inbox, there are three areas that you can send emails : the inbox and no that is not a spelling mistake,The Feed and The Paper Trail.

With this approach Hey is building on some themes started by other email services like Inbox by Gmail that said really only important stuff should be left in your inbox and that's of course likely why Hey named it The Inbox.

Hey email service The Feed

 The Feed is a really neat concept and one of my favorite things about Hey. it turns emails into an endless news feed perfect for email newsletters, updates, and things you don't need to respond to but just want to read through your email.

The Paper Trail in hey email service

 The Paper Trail is for things that you want to keep a record of but don't actually need to see right away things like receipts, order confirmations, etc This makes sorting your email incredibly easy and make sure that only the important things that you care about actually make it into The inbox.

Another radical but necessary departure that Hey makes with their service is that notifications for all emails are turned off by default, you actually have to manually go into the contact and turn on notifications for them.

This radically reduces the number of times l been checking my email through out the day, as well as reduces the amount of email notifications that make it to my phone. Now previously i was using a service that would sort out things like email news letters and promotions from notifying me through notifications on my phone, however i was still ultimately getting a lot of email notifications.

What is Hey email

 what i really like that Hey does is it forces you to look at all the emails you're getting and then makes you decide which one of these are important enough to get that covered email notification. and for my case it's almost none like i almost get no email notifications and i love it.

One other major departure with this service is the idea of archiving emails. Other email services tried to promote you to get to what's called inbox zero, basically to the point where there's nothing in your inbox. Inbox by Gmail was also one of these services and would give you a little nice graphic when you cleaned everything out of your inbox.

Hey takes a different approach you don't archive emails it just shows you the emails you haven't seen resist the ones you already have in your inbox there's also a really cool view where you can view all of your unseen emails all in one view and then mark all of them as seen.

By skipping actions like archiving and trashing emails that other email services encourage their users to do, Hey is actually saving its users time and hassle.

Fact that the imbox in hey

Now given the fact that the imbox in Hey is just a long list of emails, The Feed is a endless scrolling feed of emails and The Paper Trail is also a list of emails, it does beg the question how exactly do you find anything in Hey.

 Luckily this service has a pretty extensive search option, you can search for a specific file or just use the files area of the service which will pull all of the files anyone has ever sent you.

From there you can even sort by the person who sent you the file or the file type so if you know if it's an image or a PDF you can sort by those categories. Also if you need to look for an email that a person sent you, Hey has a built-in contact page so just search the person's name then you'll be taken to their contact page which will show you any recent files that the person has sent you and also a list of all of the emails that they're involved with.

It's in this view that you can change whether or not you get notifications when you get emails from them and if you want to automatically apply a label to their emails.

 Now the last major departure that Hey takes from other email services that i want to mention is with email trackers. Lots of companies as well as people use email trackers to see how many emails that they sent out have been opened,when did people open their emails, from what location,and what device did people use to read those emails.

Hey email Android review

Hey considers this information an invasion of a user's privacy so they block spy trackers on all emails coming to your inbox. While it's too early to tell what impact Hey service will have on the broader email ecosystem, i think it's clear that it presents a lot of interesting ideas that haven't been tried before,and it's pushing the envelope on what an email service should be.We'll have much more on.

 Hey in the coming months we didn't even get to talk about some of the other features of this service in this video and we will be doing a long term six months later review of this service.

Because the service has such a high up front cost at $99 compared to what most people are used to with email services which is free, I think it's important to really test a service like this out for the long term to be able to determine whether or not it's worth it.

Conclusion :

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